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Our buffet breakfast, to start every day of your holiday in top gear!


A breakfast buffet in a room with a sea view is our way of saying good morning!


For many, this is the most important meal of the day, for some it’s important to start off light and healthy, while for others a little bit of self-indulgence on holiday is not a sin.

For this reason, our buffet is not only generous, but arranged to allow everyone to serve themselves freely.

Quality and variety of products, freshly prepared, our own home-made cakes, oven-fresh brioches. Coffee and cappuccino in the best Italian tradition, not from the machine but served at the table because for us Italians, they are too important not to be of excellent quality.


For the sweet-toothed: jams and marmalades of various flavours, sugarless and organic, honey, Nutella, chocolate, jam and classic brioches, chocolate muffins, home-made fruit tarts, chocolate and vanilla sponge cakes, puddings, shortcake and yoghurt biscuits, peaches and prunes in syrup, pancakes and crêpes.


For savoury fans: white bread, black bread, butter, margarine, quiches, cooked ham, San Daniele cured ham, speck (smoked ham), Hungarian salami, mortadella, frankfurters, bacon, soft-boiled and scrambled eggs, cheese.


For coeliac guests: bread, Melba toast, crackers, sponge cakes, Muesli, cornflakes. jam and marmalade, Nutella, biscuits.


For the figure-watchers: Muesli, cornflakes, chocolate cereals, rice cakes, classic and wholemeal Melba toast, rye bread, wholemeal bread, low-calorie and organic jams and marmalades, dried mixed fruit, sunflower seeds, linseeds, fresh fruit, soya milk and rice milk, lactose-free milk, natural fruit juices, centrifuged fruit and vegetables, tea, herbal teas and infusions.


We’ll be waiting for you from 8am to 10am.


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